We would like you to know what Re-DIAL (Nig.) Initiative is about. Here are a few FAQs:

There are so many NGOs and non-profits working with the NCS, what will Re-DIAL do differently?

At the core of Re-DIAL’s mission is a holistic approach that no other NGO or organization has attempted before. Stay tuned to our updates and the evolution of this approach. At this time, all you need to know is that Re-DIAL is driven by the belief that at the heart of every individual is a zeal to be good, do right by others and contribute to the community irrespective of history.

Is Re-DIAL open to collaborations and/or partnerships?

Yes! There’s no one capable of achieving a mission of the scale we are pursuing. However, we are highly critical in our selection of partners and organizations with whom we collaborate with. In the end, we are positive that we will achieve our mission with the strength of diversity.

How can funding opportunities available in my organization be made available to Re-DIAL?

Contact us and we will follow your organization’s process to justify why Re-DIAL should be your next Corporate Social Responsibility. We have a fundamental mission to accomplish and we believe even 1% of success will create a seismic shift in the real sectors of the economy and communities like never before achieved by any organization!

Work with us to Re-DIAL the lives of Nigerians positively!